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Advanced Rig – Rebuilt PC


A quality built steel frame fitted with an alloy treadplate floor and front pedal panel, along with a quality car race seat, 40″ TV, plus a higher spec rebuilt gaming computer with a higher spec graphics card enabling us to install more of the newer games available.

The rig has its own STEAM account and email setup so you can buy games, and will comes with Assetto Corsa, rFactor, Dirt Rally installed.

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If you are looking for a good looking rig without breaking the bank, then this is it.. We can get you in the seat of a V8 Supercar, an old school Commodore or Mustang, GTHO, or even a Valiant Charger, to tackle the mountain from the 70’s right up to the latest track. Try out the F1 cars, Speedway,  GT, Karting,  or just about anything, this will do the trick. Utilises some second hand parts and if you already have some parts we can do a part kit as well.

Includes free delivery in the North Island only and $250 in the South Island

Frame – The base is made out of furniture grade 38mm box section 1.6mm thick so is easy and light but very strong with 25×25 uprights and crossbars. We use alloy treadplate for the floor and front panel to mount the pedals on which are inverted. Colour scheme is either powdercoated or 2pac in your choice of colour.

Seat – We use a good Race Seat in this model, non FIA approved so it cannot be used in a real car.

Wheel – We source a second hand G29 wheel/pedals/shifter and mount the pedals inverted onto the front panel to look a little bit different and remove that plastic look.

TV – We use a second hand 40″ flat screen on this model still with full 1920×1080 definition so the quality of view is fine. Standard wall TV mount is used so the TV can be removed very easily.

PC – We use a second hand i5 or i7 computer with 16Gb RAM, 1TB HDD and a 120GB SSD for system, a good Graphics card such as a 1050Ti or 1060, 970, or 980 etc. Possibly other brands than Nvidea.

Software – All our rigs run the old rFactor software which has a ton of content but is lacking in the graphics, but for entry level there is hours and hours of fun and thousands of cars/tracks to choose from.  We also load up Assetto Corsa with the same mods we use at events, so you have the latest V8 Supercars and tracks.  vThis rig also has DIRT which covers some rally stages and the best fun is with Pikes Peak Hillclimb.. Hundreds of hours of fun just there.

Thousands of hours of fun to be had from this entry level rig.

email us to discuss your requirements