$39,995.00Ultimate Excavator Driver Training Rig – Full Cab Scene
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Ultimate Excavator Driver Training Rig – Full Cab Scene


As the world of Simulation expands, so does the type of machinery…

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As the world of Simulation expands, so does the type of machinery that you can experience. No longer is it a $10k software package tailor made to a specific piece of equipment, but instead a very cost effective complete set up for less than what the software was 10 years ago.. Hop in the seat of a range of excavators from the little tiny ones right up to mining scale operations.

Hitachi, Komatsu, CAT, TEREX plus others

Cab – This rig will utilise a full cab setup with all controls and switches to be as realistic as software will allow..

Seat – We source a proper excavator seat with the arm rests and control boxes so this is just like being in the seat of a real excavator.

Controls – This rig comes standard with OEM JC6000 twin joysticks and OEM dual direction foot pedals, all integrated into the software.

View – A wrap around projection with a 3m arc and 180 degrees view with dual projectors mounted on the roof of the cab is used to give realistic viewing from the cab.

PC – We use proper Gaming PC built to spec with

  • 2 x 1TB SSD drives with a ton of storage capacity.
  • Intel 10000 chipset or a Ryzen 5 chipset with motherboard to suit.
  • 32GB RAM,
  • Nvidea 1660 graphics card.
  • Tower Case with lighting and fans
  • Keyboard and mouse

Motion Platform – This entire cab will have a motion platform to move the entire frame when working the bucket to give a much higher level of immersion.


Farming Simulator 2019 – Quarry Mining Training – This software has a ton of incredible locations and interactive maps to assist with driver training in multiple vehicles that work together.. Head out in one of the many Excavators we have set up on location and load up the trucks as they arrive – driven by other trainees from around the globe. Drive the big Mining Trucks and unload to specific locations. Great training for working in a team environment.

LIVE Server – We run a 24/7 live server for the mining and excavator equipment so you can jump in and join our live chat channel and work with others learning to use any piece of equipment available. This is a very unique opportunity to have your trainees working as a group with others from around the world in a real live setup where the start of the day has a foreman breifing, then each person will attend to various tasks set..

email us to discuss your requirements and for a full pdf version flyer.