$39,995.00Ultimate Truck Driver Training Rig – Wrap Around Projection
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Ultimate Truck Driver Training Rig – Wrap Around Projection


This Ultimate Rig is the top level in our suite of products….

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This Ultimate Rig is the top level in our suite of products.

Cab – A full truck cab (portion) is set up on a full motion platform so the entire cab in effect moves with the road surface. This is a full size mock up of an actual truck and can be designed to use the main type of truck you are working with the trainees on.

Seat – We source a brand new Truck seat with gas struts

Wheel – A real Truck cab steering wheel and steering column with the real levers attached for lights and wipers etc, all working inside the software. A complete set of working gauges also.

Pedals – The real pedals from a proper truck, to give you the actual pressures from each pedal with realistic feel and movement, then calibrated into the software.

Shifter – Designed specifically for this purpose is a gearbox that is as close to real as is possible, with several levels of adjustment for the trainer to make slight changes to each gate feel. The shifter knob is fitted in a correct EATON 18 speed shifter pattern top to enable 18 speed shift training.

View – The entire front and sides of the cab are seen via a network of 2 projectors mounted on the cab roof being projected onto a curved screen with a 3m arc to 180 degrees to give exact viewing as from a truck.

Dashboard – A proper Truck dash with all working parts including the switches, buttons, Brakes etc.

PC – We use proper Gaming PC built to spec with

  • 2 x 1TB SSD drives with a ton of storage capacity.
  • Intel 10000 chipset or a Ryzen 5 chipset with motherboard to suit.
  • 64GB RAM,
  • Nvidea GTX 3060 12GB DDR6 graphics card.
  • 1000 watt psu
  • Tower Case with lighting and fans
  • Keyboard and mouse

Software – 3 great titles to train with.

American Truck Simulator is the title with the big guns – Kenworth, Western Star, International, Peterbuilt, plus many add ons and upgrades. All sorts of trailer combinations are an option. The software includes many States with real life locations.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – This is the Cab Over Engine trucks such as Scania, DAF, Volvo, Mercedes, Renault, and we use Europe as a LHD option also. Great immersion and with a wide range of 12 speed trucks, which can be set to automatic as well, the learning curve here is really enhanced. Many trailer combos and types of loads.

Farming Simulator 2019 – Quarry Mining Training – This software has a ton of incredible locations and interactive maps to assist with driver training in multiple vehicles that work together.. Head out in one of the many Excavators we have set up on location and load up the trucks as they arrive – driven by other trainees from around the globe. Drive the big Mining Trucks and unload to specific locations. Great training for working in a team environment.

LIVE Server – We run a 24/7 live server for the mining and excavator equipment so you can jump in and join our live chat channel and work with others learning to use any piece of equipment available.

email us to discuss your requirements and for a full pdf version flyer.